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Your path to recovery begins here. We are with you all the way.

What Does it
Take to Recover?

Healing is part of life. Let us
help you discover a path that
leads towards pain-relief and
healing. Click the arrow below
to learn more.

What Makes Us

Therapy that is centered on you,
the client. We combine expertise in
physical therapy with unique
programs to get results, fast. Click
the arrow below to learn more.

Triumph Over Pain.

Challenge your pain to change.
Learn how to choose a path to
pain-relief and healing. Click the
button below to download the
FREE ebook.

A path to complete pain-relief and natural healing through skilled
hands-on care, clinical expertise, and specialized programs.

Conditions We Treat

Whiplash Syndrome
Back Pain
Joint pain
Chronic Pain
Headaches & Dizzines
Muscle pain

Physical Therapy

Spine Care
Pelvic Postural Integration
Complex Pain Recovery
Trigger Point Dry Needling

Specialized Programs

Low level Laser Therapy (LLLT)
Redcord Fitness
AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill
Massage Therapy / Pilates
Your Path to Pain Relief and Healing.

Choose the right guide

Choosing the right guide in your recovery is essential to achieve pain-relief and healing.

Download the eBook to learn more


Focus on your goal

Set reasonable goals that are easily achieved to mark your path with success and hope for a future free of pain.

Download the eBook to learn more


Improve your nutrition

You are what you eat. Are you giving your body the fuel needed for healing?

Download the eBook to learn more


Get active

Consistent exercise is necessary to restore joint and muscle health. Learn how to move with less pain and more confidence.

Download the eBook to learn more


Learn about your body

All of us respond differently to pain.
Discover what is unique about your
body´s approach to healing.

Download the eBook to learn more


Discover your strengths

Harness your power and resolve to heal. You have the ability to regain strength and fitness.

Download the eBook to learn more

Triumph Over Pain. Free.

We all experience pain, some of us more than others. Whether you have suffered from pain or are helping someone who has, this book is for you. Upon reading it, you will find that the design of pain − the WHY behind it − is at once fascinating and surprising. Even more important is the realization that you can interrupt, reduce and possibly resolve your pain.

Average Number of Visits Before...

A client fully understands
their pain or problem.
2 Visits
A client is moving with
more balance and control.
4 Visits
A client is on the path
to healing.
8 Visits
A client is achieving goals
that were out of reach.
12 Visits
  • Meet the team of experts dedicated to your healing.

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    Northern Edge Physical Therapy

    Northern Edge Physical Therapy is the leader in hands-on care with excellence in manual therapy and specialized programs. Our treatment approach relies upon sound clinical experience and evidence supported practice with novel approaches to accelerate recovery from orthopedic injury and enhance healing for musculoskeletal conditions and complex pain-related syndromes. Northern Edge Physical Therapy is a community of passionate caregivers and dedicated support staff. Our goal is to facilitate natural healing and pain-relief that does not just treat the condition, but treats the individual client.

    We proudly sponsor David Johnston

    David Johnston is proud to have Northern Edge PT as an athletic sponsor!

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